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Your Life Stage

About the Company

Your Stage Life is a vibrant and dynamic platform dedicated to connecting artists, performers, and audiences from around the world. It offers access to world-class performances, concerts, slams, comedy, theater, and much more anywhere and anytime.

Problem Statement

They have a huge customer base, but they lacked a comprehensive portal for its B-to-B usage to track its users’ activities, and revenues, visualize their activities and report it to concerned partners. 


The objective of this project is to make a portal that is utilized by performers and venue partners to get insights about different events (current and previous revenues, payout info, viewer analytics, etc.) and to manage single events information and report it to partners.


We created a live portal that also allows its users to keep track of its activities, visualize its earning, stream details, and download business statements. Data has been sorted and filtered on a monthly and custom basis. With a functional design and a self-explanatory user interface, we transformed the product in a significant way with our partner. 


B-to-B portal has been created by developing using all the data APIs and visualizing all the necessary metrics on the dashboard that have been described above. 
Their project results in automated data collection, visualization, and management as required.

Tech Stack





“Datum Labs has delivered a seamless and user-friendly solution that has greatly enhanced our online presence”

Your Life Stage

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