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Stream Line

About the Company

StreamLine specializes in designing high-performance workspaces with a design-led approach, utilizing their Design Build methodology from inception to completion. They have a nationwide presence across the East and West Coasts. They provide local support for office refurbishment projects through their nationwide Service Level Agreement (NSLA), removing the need to start from scratch each time.

Problem Statement

As a design-based company, they used CRM software “Pipedrive” to manage their interactions with customers and potential leads which includes management of customer data, tracking customer interactions, and analysis of customer behavior. Different salespersons have been added as a user in Pipedrive which are working with different potential clients and trying to close deals with the potential ones.

The company also used QuickBooks to track its finances i.e., Income, costs, expenses, etc. Clockify is another important tool that is used by the company to keep track of the duration of different projects.


All these software have their own prebuilt analytics dashboards. But the company wanted a centralized dashboard to keep track of all the important key metrics that they wanted to analyze on a real-time basis and make decisions accordingly.

They have a list of required metrics which includes opening deals amount and number that sales persons are working on this week and last week. Total Revenue and Closed Deals amount and their comparison with their target amounts. The total duration of the projects in the current week. Backlog Amount which required data from multiple sources. These are some of the metrics that clients want in a single dashboard. 


Datum Labs proposed using Air Byte to fetch data through provided data connectors of different data sources platform sources and store it in the data warehouse, Big Query. Then, DBT was used to transform raw data and clean it and model it to make relational databases.

Real-time data was reported directly from the processing layer by Metabase for ad-hoc analysis. Metrics have been created as per the need of the business.


Centralized Dashboard has been created by visualizing all the key metrics that have been described above. 
Thie project results in automated data exporting, cleaning, and loading as required.

Tech Stack


Big Query



“Working with Datum Labs has been refreshing! After speaking with several similar firms about the wide range of data points we were looking to focus on, we could tell team Datum Labs had grasped the objective right away. Looking forward to continued collaboration!”

Stream Line

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