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About the Company is an E-Commerce based venture which aims to sell quality products. They offer a diverse range of products that cover several categories such as Health, Fashion, Technology, and home items. Being an online retailer, their revenue is generated via organic search, influencer marketing, and paid advertisements on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Problem Statement

As an Ecommerce Store, they spent heavily on a marketing budget but lacked a comprehensive dashboard to track their advertising spend and sales performance to analyze how much revenue is generated by spending on social media platforms. Different key metrics involve attributes/variables from sales and marketing data such as Cost per Conversion, Conversion Rate, and Cost per Order. They have not consolidated their different data sources in one place to generate insights and make data-driven decisions in real time.

They used a prebuilt Analytics Page on Shopify and social media platform sales. Then, we spent lots of time wrangling with data and consolidating them on spreadsheets. Still, the problem is to bring real-time data and then analyze critical metrics which used to vary on a daily basis.


The company wanted to have all data sources in one place and analyze their cost and returns by spending on different ad campaigns. They have a specific list of key metrics requiring combining data from the Shopify Store and Social Media Ads.


Datum Labs extracts its data from Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads in AirByte which allow over 100 connectors, and then stores that data in a warehouse such as Big Query. Data Modeling is done to make relational databases and then create custom metrics. After performing multiple business queries on the integrated sales marketing data, we evaluate the required metrics and KPIs for their business growth.

After data collection, we visualize these attributes with proper dimensions and graphs and create a custom Dashboard on Metabase by connecting Big Query for the required business queries to make data-driven decisions.


Centralized Dashboard has been created by visualizing all the key metrics that have been described above. 
The project results in automated data exporting, cleaning, and loading as required.

Tech Stack


Big Query



“Stakeholders feel like they’re more involved in the process and getting data in a way that’s most useful to them.”


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