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5 Essential KPIs for Market Intelligence That Every Business Should Know

Every business should know the direction of their team toward their defined goals on a daily or weekly basis. To determine the success of their goals, businesses have used KPIs to analyze their performance.

KPIs to perform measurements
KPIs to perform measurements

KPIs are quantifiable values that have been evaluated toward set goals and objectives. It is used to monitor business growth and is used in different areas of the business. Digital marketing is one of the areas where KPIs are being used to analyze the results of various marketing campaigns and customer responses to the company's products and services. It is important to choose the right KPI in digital marketing to make marketing strategies result oriented.

Some of the important and widely used marketing KPIs are as follows:

Website Engagement:

One of the most important online presences of the company is its website, which comprises all the details of the company’s products and services to facilitate the customer and make them aware of the brand. Website engagement helps analyze how potential customers interact with the website. Some of the KPIs that are associated with the website’s interaction with customers are:

  • Bounce rate

  • Average Page views

  • Average time spent on site

  • Total and new Users

These KPIs will tell you how many people are visiting a company’s website and how much time they are spending there.

Website Conversion Rate

After visiting the website, if the company wants a desirable action from customers, it is known as a "conversion. Typically, conversion is in the form of making a purchase, but conversion could also include other actions such as subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a contact information form, downloading something, or simply clicking on an ad link.

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of customers who perform desirable actions by the total number of website visitors. The higher the rate, the more effective your content is.

Social Media Engagement Rate

The success of digital marketing lies in the content that is published across all the top platforms, or where the majority of their target audience is present. Social media engagement analysis gives you insights into how your customers are interacting with your content. Interactions can be in the form of impressions, reach, likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Another important KPI in making business digital is analyzing the cost that is spent to acquire each customer. The main purpose is to minimize this cost as much as possible and reach a wider audience by spending a minimum amount of money. Marketing campaigns are supposed to be cost-effective, and their main purpose is also to keep customer acquisition below a threshold.


The ROI is a broad measure of the viability and financial efficiency of your digital campaign. It serves two primary functions. For starters, it tells you whether the money you’re spending is helping you get closer to your business goals. Second, it can be used as a budgeting tool to avoid spending on things that aren’t working.

KPIs are an essential component of any business activity or process. It allows you to assess your efforts and how close you are to meeting your objectives. As a result, you should think about them carefully, beginning with developing a clear strategy and objectives. You then derive your KPIs from these as well as the questions whose answers will meet your current business requirements.

The suggested KPIs and others must be tailored to your specific business. Following this and other tips in this article will provide you with a solid foundation for any marketing campaign, ultimately affecting your bottom line.


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